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Boilers | Central Heating

Central-heating boilers today are much smaller than their predecessors, though no less efficient. Gas and oil are the most popular fuels for central-heating, although solid fuel can still be found heating homes.

The capacity (heat output) of the boiler needed to satisfy your requirements can be calculated by adding up the manufacturer’s specified heat output of all the radiators, plus a 3kW allowance for a hot-water cylinder. Ten percent is added to allow for exceptionally cold weather. The overall calculation is affected by the heat lost through the walls and ceiling, and also by the number of air changes caused by ventilation. Some plumbers’ merchants will make the relevant calculations for you, if you provide them with the dimensions of each room. Alternatively, you can calculate your requirements yourself, using a software package produced for use with a home computer. There are also purpose-made calculators known as Mears wheels, which can be hired, complete with instructions, from a supplier of central-heating equipment.

Ideal Room Temperatures

A central-heating installer normally aims at providing a system that will heat rooms to the temperatures shown below, assuming an outdoor temperature of -1*C (30*F).


Living Room

Dining Room

















Gas-fired Boilers

Many gas-fired boilers have pilot lights that burn constantly to ignite the burners whenever heat is required. Burners may be operated manually or by a timer set to switch the heating on and off at selected times. The boiler can be linked to a room thermostat, so the heating is switched on and off to keep heat at the required level throughout the house. An increasing number of boilers have electronic ignition; the pilot is not ignited until the room thermostat demands heat – once the boiler reaches the right temperature, valves to the burner and pilot light close, shutting off the fuel supply until heat is next called for.

Oil-fired Boilers

Pressure-jet oil-fired boilers are fitted with controls similar to the ones for gas boilers. Oil boilers can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. to run oil-fired central heating, you need a large oil-storage tank outside, with easy access for delivery.

Solid-fuel Boilers

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Boilers & Central Heating

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Popular Vaillant Boilers

System Boilers (ecoTEC Green IQ, ecoTEC Plus, ecoFIT Pure). Combi Boilers (ecoTEC Green IQ, ecoTEC Plus, ecoTEC Pro, ecoFIT Pure). Regular Boilers (ecoTEC Plus, ecoFIT Pure).

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