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We have over 30+ years experience in the plumbing, electrical and building and construction industry

Anthony John

Company CEO
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24-7 Technical Service Facilities Management

We realize that mechanical systems today are far more
complex than ever and energy costs continue to rise.

We Are 24-7 Technical Services Limited
24-7 T-Services Limited Registered Info’s Company Number (14446389) SIC Codes (43220).

For all commercial and domestic properties building repairs. and maintenance services, we have a highly skilled professionals ready to carry-out services across London, and the surrounded M25 area. Our services cover a wide base of repairs and maintenance, 24/7 emergency call-out services. One to three hours reply for new customers, existing customers service. Response is one to two hours. We specialize in, Gas & Electrical, general building repairs, Like Kitchens & Bathrooms installations, Flooring & more. For more info please, Call us on 0800 8611 238 or visit us online 24-7technicalservices.com.

We Have The Solution To All Your Technical Problems. For all kinds of home projects and repairs, 24-7 TS Home Improvement has been the first call for online clients.

Expert Trained Engineers & Building Technicians: We only registered & trained engineers & technicians, they’re the best in the industry. Your work will be done right the first time.

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WHAT WE DOWe Offer Reliable Services In The Building, Plumbing, & Electrical Industry

Energy Consumption goes to plumbing

Average indoor spend time by individual

Lower your energy costs with maintenance

Lower monthly costs with variable repair services

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New Bathroom Full

Bathroom installation new bath or shower cubicle, toilet, basin, including bath and basin taps or mixer taps, wall and floor tiles replacement, decoration and cleaning.

How to Decide Between New Boiler System

We realize that mechanical systems today are far more complex than ever and energy costs.
1-2 hours callout time, For emergency repair services London wide areas daily.
Domestic & business, emergency services. in south London area.
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Our Team of Experts

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Gas Safe & BOILERSWinston Newton

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Owner & ManagerDonald Whyte

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Owner & ManagerAnthony John

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Senior Painter & DecoratorCecil Newton

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EMERGENCY SERVICES24-7 Technical Services Limited

Our Projects

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Sinks & Bathtubs

In, London
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Complete Bathroom

In, London
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Stainless Steel Units

In, London
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Vinyl Click Flooring Fitter In London

South, London
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Nursery Infant Toilet

In, London
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Kitchen Installation
Howdens Units

North London, Job

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